Who We Are

Australian Wildflower Seeds is a wholly-owned Australian company, located in Western Australia.

We pack and distribute a range of Australian wildflower seeds in retail packets for re-sale through retailers across the country and overseas.

We can also supply our products to non-retail businesses such as Schools, Event Organisers, Fund-raisers and special interest groups.

We are able to obtain a wide range of Australian native seeds from WA and other regions of Australia. Our seed packets sell well through most outlets due to the great interest in Australia’s unique native plants. Western Australia has the greatest plant diversity and is aptly known as the “Wildflower State”.

Our website provides a range of supporting information for use by your sales staff or for them to refer your customers to.

What We Do

Our seed is collected or acquired from other collectors, under licence, in accordance with legal and environmental guidelines. Through this we are able to ensure that all seeds supplied are true to type. Once the seed has been collected it is dried, cleaned and treated to ensure that you receive the best possible quality seeds.

Our company packages and distributes a presentation range in three product variations:
– Presentation seed packets
– Seven-pack Gift Folders
– Everlasting seed Packs – 12.5 grams (approx. 5,000 seeds) and 25 grams (approx. 10,000 seeds).

Our products are completely Australian made, beautifully presented, compact and highly attractive to local gardeners, gift seekers and overseas visitors.

Most of our products are suitable for export. The seeds are thoroughly cleaned and then packed into heat-sealed foil sachets to protect against moisture, moulds, insects and so on. This also extends the shelf life of the seeds – which runs into years in any case for all but a couple which last about 12 months.

Our bulk packs of everlastings are heat sealed in a stand-up plastic self-lock re-sealable pouch pack.