Merchandising Display Rack

Our standard lightweight display rack is available on request, at cost + postage to reseller customers.

In some cases the rack can be supplied free-on-loan + postage.

The rack can hold 34 seed packet varieties (x 12 of each), and our 7-pack Gift Folder (x 10).

(Height: 95cm, width:50cm)

7-Pack Gift Folders

A beautiful post-card size gift folder containing sachets of seeds for six of the most attractive and popular wildflowers and displaying a picture of each plant in flower.

Growing instructions and other supporting information provided inside the folder.

Brilliant Australian wildflower seed products. Suitable for ALL your customers …

whether you are a Garden Centre, Gift Shop, Events Co-ordinator, Visitor Centre or other type of reseller …

Presentation Seed Packets

  • albany-bottlebrush

    Albany Bottlebrush

    Spectacular and profuse-flowering, the largest flower among all the bottlebrushes, with rich scarlet cylindrical brushes 25cm (10″) or more in length at the ends of its branches from early Spring through Summer.


    800 seeds
  • blue-rottnest-island-daisy

    Blue Rottnest Island Daisy

    Lovely, sturdy small annual shrub with attractive long-stemmed soft blue to mauve flowers in pin-cushion shaped clusters up to 7cm (3″) across, in Spring and Summer amongst the pale green 10cm (4″) leaves.

    Approx 110

  • australian-grass-tree

    Australian Grass Tree

    The Grass Tree will gradually grow to a form its characteristic trunk. The trunk becomes blackened in nature by naturally occurring bushfires which also  stimulate flowering to occur in the following Winter / Spring. However, these plants will just as often flower without the effects of a fire


    35 seeds
  • dwarf-wattle

    Dwarf Wattle

    A beautiful small shrub growing to 1 metre (3′) with masses of bright yellow elongated flowers amongst small elegant grey-green leaves. A superb plant to light up a garden in Winter – when many other flowering plants are still dormant – and then carries on into the Spring.


    70 seeds
  • Sturt-Pea

    Sturt Pea

    One of the most dramatic and attractive of Australia’s native plants. Grey-green, furry leaves and stem, with lots of brilliant glossy deep scarlet flowers, each with a black or maroon centre boss, occurring in dense heads of 7 – 9 flowers from Spring to Summer.


    110 seeds

Seed Starter Granules

containing smoke; the magic ingredient in germination

This product is our best selling item and should be for you also.

Bring it to the attention of your customers when they purchase any packet of seeds.

Extensive research at the famous Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth…

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Bulk Seed Packets


Two sizes: approx. 5000 seeds (12.5 grams) and approx. 10,000 seeds (25 grams).

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