Special Seed Order Requests and Other Australian Seeds

Should you wish to obtain seeds of Australian native plants that are not included in our presentation range please email us a list of those seeds – preferably using their botanic names, if known.

Our company is able to source an extensive range of Australian seeds and we would be happy to try to locate them for you.

The seeds are normally supplied in small sealed clear plastic packets containing a sample of the particular seed species. The packets may contain 20 – 100 seeds (for smaller or less expensive seeds) or just a few seeds (for larger or more expensive seeds).

Small – medium bulk quantities can be arranged on request. Shipment within Australia usually will not present any difficulty, however international shipment may require attention to your local import regulations.

See Importing Australian Wildflower Seeds.

The small packets are usually priced around AUD$5.00 to $6.00 each plus pack & postage.
Prices for bulk seeds will vary with the quantity ordered, the seed species and seasonal variations in availability.

Once your requested seeds are located we will forward a quotation showing all costs, postage, etc, for payment prior to dispatch. Once payment is received – either directly or via PayPal – we will dispatch the seeds by mail or via your preferred delivery method.

We have provided this service for many customers over the years and many have reported great success.
We trust this extension of our range of seeds will be of value to you.

Please feel free to contact us with your list